Roadside Assistance in Melton

Roadside Assistance Services in Melton

Roadside Assistance

Sometimes you may come across trouble on the road that requires simple fixes before the need for towing is required and we provide such services.

If your vehicle suffers from issues on the road that can be fixed on the spot, you can get in touch with us to send a professional over to fix them for you.

Our steps include inspecting the vehicle, attempting the repairs, and towing if no further action is possible to provide you with the best convenience possible. These are the services we offer with our roadside assistance in Melton.


Whenever a car breaks down in a busy or unfamiliar place, it can cause endangering you or someone else. Staying in your vehicle on a busy highway may increase the chances of more accidents. Towing Pros Melton has safety standards observed when moving clients and their cars at increased speeds to safe places.

Peace of Mind

A simple call can bring great peace of mind thinking that assistance is always available nearby. If you are alone or with your loved ones, whether during the night hours or daytime while driving, Towing Pros Melton is here to offer roadside help around the clock.


Vehicle breakdowns are inconvenient and stressful. On-the-spot repairs or towing provided by roadside assistance services enable the driver to get back on the road, with little interruptions quickly. This ensures fast and efficient service to minimize your stress levels by Towing Pros Melton.

Our Roadside Assistance Services in Melton

Our professionals are capable of offering a multitude of roadside assistance services depending on what you need and these include the following and more.

Dead Battery

Responding to dead batteries is one of the most common roadside assistance services we provide as this can happen at any time if the battery has seen better days. If your battery is dead, we can offer you a jumpstart or even bring a spare battery to have it replaced so you can continue driving afterward.

Key Inside Locked Vehicle

Leaving your keys inside of your vehicle is a common honest mistake that happens from time to time and we understand that it can be frustrating. To help you out, we can send over a professional who can help unlock your vehicle without damaging it so that you can get back in and continue driving.

Flat Tyre

As your tyre becomes flat, your vehicle will have trouble when it comes to handling and this can eventually lead to your wheels becoming damaged. If your tyre pops or has lost air for some reason, we can always send someone over to change your tyre for you by bringing a spare or towing your vehicle if it has sustained severe damage.

Mechanical Issues

When parts of your vehicle are not functioning properly, sometimes changing a damaged part is enough to get it going back again without further issues. If this is the case, our professionals may be able to repair your vehicle if possible but in the case that it is beyond repair, we can tow it to the nearest shop.

Out Of Gas

Running out of gas can be a real headache and if you are stuck on the road with an empty tank, you can reach out to us and we will dispatch a professional right away. We can arrange that gas be brought to your vehicle to give you enough juice to reach the next gas station or tow your vehicle if you prefer for us to do so.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can cause your vehicle to misbehave or give you a hard time when you are driving, especially if this includes starting your car or your headlights not working. Should this be the problem, we have professionals who can repair your electrical systems on the spot so you can continue driving afterward.

Roadside Assistance

Other Services Offered

During the time that to your vehicle having issues on the road, this is often due to parts being older and unable to function like they used to, which requires repairs or replacements.

No matter what issue your vehicle has, our professionals are prepared to provide the best roadside assistance that you can get by carrying out repairs when needed.

This is made possible by the large tow trucks our professionals utilize as well as the high-grade equipment they have at their disposal.

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What We Can Guarantee

Your safety is our priority and we will always put this before everything, which is why we end up deciding if the repair is doable or a tow is required.

The time we dispatch our professionals, we ensure that they take the fastest routes to get to you because we don’t want to keep you waiting for hours before help arrives.

All our services come at affordable prices and we will never add hidden fees or give outrageous sums when it comes to the services that we provide because your convenience matters most.