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Towing Pros Melton welcomes you to the major suppliers of tow services in Melton. If you are stranded on the roadsides, have to move a car from one point to another, or are incapable of recognizing where you are in our business, helping people in such situations, is ready for you. The rapid, dependable, and quality tow services are given by our competent crew who will put at your disposal what you need without fail so that everything contravening your security is grounded.


About Towing Pros Melton

Towing Pros Melton has been offering premium transport services to Melton and its environs for vehicles since 2012 at very affordable rates. We have everything in our round-the-clock towing service department which can be used to ensure that your car arrives safely at its destination or any other place that you choose. Because of our qualified staff and distinct benefits, we are known to be the leading tow truck company in Melton the adjacent region. We are an established and dependable towing company operating in the Melton area. Our mission is to offer outstanding towing services, keeping in mind good customer care. Having been in the towing sector for quite some time we have built a strong record of being professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to serving our customers with distinction. If you choose Towing Pros Melton, you should expect these:
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People Say The Nicest Things

Take a look at what our satisfied customers have to say!​
Amalia K.

After my car broke down, Towing Pros Melton arrived within minutes. Their prompt and professional service got me back on the road in no time.

Paul T.

I was thoroughly impressed with Towing Pros Melton’s efficiency and care when they towed my vintage car. It arrived at the destination in perfect condition, thanks to their meticulous handling.

Richard L.

Towing Pros Melton exceeded my expectations with their friendly service and reasonable pricing. They made a stressful situation much easier to manage.

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our services

Our Services in Towing Pros Melton

At Towing Pros Melton, we offer a wide range of towing and roadside assistance services to meet the needs of drivers in Melton and surrounding areas. Our services include:

Accident Towing

You shouldn’t use your car after an accident until it has undergone inspection. The reason for this is that driving may escalate injuries or other hitch cases that are related to risks. Visit us because we offer a proper towing package for any cars that require an examination or repair process to take place safely.

Breakdown Towing

If your vehicle fails, we shall send one of our professional drivers to tow it to the nearest auto repair station. We will link you with the closest repair place regardless of distance. We also offer transport to save you the agony of waiting for somebody else after your car has been towed, a waste of time.

Roadside Assistance

When your vehicle breaks down due to road-related challenges, call us right away. Reject an attempt to push it further by yourself. If a crash occurs, just stay there; we shall promptly come, and help you in terms of safety and doing the right thing economically.

24 Hour Towing

It can be very stressful when you have an emergency and need to take your car to a towing company for your vehicle to be towed especially if it happened after their normal working hours. Towing Pros Melton provides you with all-time round towing services even at night-time assuring you that everything is alright with your car while you leave it overnight. We are always available in many ways and our feedback is immediate so there is no chance of you getting stuck anywhere at all hours.

Additional Towing Services

The skilled personnel at Towing Pros Melton are fully equipped to handle the transportation of vehicles and more, among other services:

Motorcycle Towing

Container Transport

Heavy Equipment Towing

RV Towing


Why Choose Towing Pros Melton for Your Towing Needs?

When it comes to car problems, consider using Towing Pros Melton’s services for help. This post talks about what makes Towing Pros Melton unique in Melton- providing top-class services at affordable prices but still maintaining high standards.

Experience and Expertise

Through our knowledgeable professionals and many years in business, Towing Pros Melton offers services suited for various kinds of rides, ranging from sedans to large trucks.

24/7 Availability

Towing Pros Melton is offering towing and roadside assistance throughout the day. No matter when your car breaks down, be it midnight or when we have traffic jams, we can always help you out because we offer promptness with certainty that one cannot doubt.

Licensed and Insured

In ensuring your car is safe during towing, Towing Pros Melton is fully licensed and insured; hence we observe strict rules on safety issues. Our maintenance is guided by professional ethics thus guaranteeing credibility in all transactions.

Transparent Pricing

Our goal is to offer honest and clear pricing to help you keep your peace during difficult times. We do not hide any additional costs; the price is fixed before the services are rendered. It means you pay for what you see – this is why people who use them are always happy about spending their money.

Modern Fleet and Equipment

Towing Pros Melton has state-of-the-art equipment and a well-kept fleet, with flatbeds plus wheel-lifts ensuring optimal protection as well as productivity in such services – be it personal or rented vehicles, all kinds of transports will now enjoy secure towing thanks to our up-to-date towing gear.

Customer-Centric Approach

We make sure that you are happy. Our efforts are directed towards ensuring that when your car is picked, you do not have to worry about anything since our team is always there to help seamlessly. We aim to meet all your expectations through highly-rated services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, comments, or anything else concerning our services, look at our FAQ for quick answers or call us.

Certainly, we are capable of talking to different insurance firms for a better understanding of the insurance you’re using when you get our towing services. Additionally, if you have roadside assistance through your insurance provider, we can coordinate directly with them to ensure a seamless process. Whether it’s verifying coverage or handling claims, we’re here to help make your experience as smooth as possible.

We have all the necessary tools and systems for towing cars effectively through the gateway, making it smooth. By letting us go through your vehicle and telling us where you parked it in the garage, you help us perform this duty competently and securely.

For a hassle-free towing experience, we require all the details regarding the vehicle you want us to tow. This includes the kind, manufacturer, model year, colour, or registration number. To ensure there is efficient coordination when it comes to pick-up locations or any emergency roadside assistance, please ensure you are precise enough about their location.

Our towing services are available 24/7 to serve you and assist you even in urgent situations regardless of the time. This means we always have helpful staff ready to accommodate within no time every minute of the day.

Yes, we can tow your car away if you are not present. We need to know where your vehicle is and whether its keys are inside. Please tell us where you plan to hide your keys or if there will be someone we can hand them over to during towing.

Yes, every vehicle is covered by us with full towing services which range from motorcycle carrying services offered by our exceptional equipment meant specifically for such purposes. Our proficient assistants will handle your motorcycle during carrying with a lot of attention making sure it reaches you without getting spoilt in any way and because we claim it was handed over to us initially in the same condition.

Sometimes finding yourself locked out of the car when you least expect it can be irritating. However, when you give all the required information, you will immediately get help from us. Our expert will have everything needed to open your doors fast and without any trouble as soon as he or she gets to you. There is no need to consider other options such as tow truck or locksmith services, which ensure your problem is resolved.
Just call us and share your information. This way we can send you help when you call us immediately. We can be reached through various means but our hotline is quickest. Rely on rapid response for prompt delivery of services.

Our drivers are selected only after undergoing rigorous selection criteria inclusive of intensive training, tests, and full background checks. In so doing, we ensure they are well-equipped with the skills they need for their specific duties and can be dependable when called upon.

We consider reliability first when choosing our drivers since they undertake key responsibilities to meet customers’ needs for good services and convenience.

Once the necessary arrangements have been made, we can tow your car for you wherever you want it to go, be it to the mechanic or our parking lot that is safe and sound. If you need to move somewhere else, we will quickly take care of all the paperwork so that there are no interruptions in your move.

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